ILME Mixo Connector Inserts

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ILME Mixo Make Your Own Connectors
The MIXO series is a system of modular units for special applications that uses the traditional ILME enclosures. Each enclosure can house different types of connections such as: electric signals and contacts for the conduction of compressed air with pressure values of up to 8 bars.

ILME MIXO series of modular connectors is an open connector system that provides versatile configuration to the users' individual requirements, giving the freedom to assemble a customized connector from a range of over 50 modules for power electrical, data transmission, optical signals or air. The module range is continuously expanded, allowing new configurations to be realised.

The use of inclosure provides the possibility of innumerable applications : Power Signal, Power, Data Transmmision, Fibre Optic & Penumatic

ILME Mixo Make Your Own Connectors
Modular and flexible system allowing the design of custom connectors. An easy-to-handle, fast mounting and space saving solution. mixo connectors

ILME Mixo HDMI Module Connectors
For high quality video signal transmmission

ILME Mixo HDMI Module Connectors

MIXO Series - Mixo RJ 45
8-Way Shielded Jack ( Female Connectors )

ILME Mixo RJ45 Connectors