Cubic Sensors

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Micro Detectors

Cubic Photoelectrics Sensors

From Miniaturized size to Maxi size, with red and infrared emissions. Wide range of models available: adjustable with background suppression, direct diffuse, retro-reflective, polarized, for transparent objects and through-beam. Up to 50 m sensing distance range, Vdc and Vac supply. Cubic Photoelectrics Sensors

Miniaturized Photoelectric Sensors with High Performance - QM Series

Special Features
• Cubic miniaturized photoelectric high-performance sensors with long sensing distance
• 2 kHz switching frequency, background suppression with mechanical adjustment
• Wide range of models: diffuse reflection with short, medium and long sensing distance, polarized, reflective for transparent objects, through-beam and background suppression
• Available with cable and M8 plug it or with M8-M12 pig-tail
• Selectable LO/DO output state
• Completely filled with resin (except background suppression models)
• Complete protection against electrical damages
Cubic Sensors

DC Miniaturised Cubic Photoelectric Sensors - PS Series

Special Features
• Wide range of models: diffuse, retro-reflective, through-beam
• Extremely reduced dimensions
• High sensing distance
• Sensitivity adjustment
• Standard cable exit or M12 plug exit
• LED status indicator
• IP65 protection degree
• Complete protection againts electrical damage
DC Miniaturised Cubic Photoelectric Sensors


DC Miniaturised Cubic Photoelectric Sensors - QX Series

Special Features
• Axial and right angle optics
• 2 LEDs (threshold and signal margin)
• Visible red light in retro-reflective, polarized and through-beam models Long distances capability
• Precision beam
• Fast response time (0,75-0,5 ms)
• NPN-PNP selectable output
• High output current (>300 mA)
DC Miniaturised Cubic Photoelectric Sensors

Cubic Photoelectric Sensors DECOUT® Output - DC or AC - BS - BV Series

Special Features
• Wide range of models: diffuse, retro-reflective, polarized
• Muntifunctional DECOUT° output and logic connection possibilities (DC types)
• Multivoltage 20-253 Vac and TR,Ac output with NO/NC selectable (AC types) Sensitivity adjustment
• Standard cable exit or M12 plug exit
• LED status indicator
• Completely filled with resin
• High sensing range
Cubic Photoelectric Sensors

Compact Cubic 50x50mm Universal Photoelectric Sensors - Q50 Series

Special Features
• Universal photoelectric sensor, excellent performances and high versatility due to the wide choice of different versions available
• Cable output or revolving connector, NPN/PNP outputs for Vdc models or SPDT relay output for multi-voltage Vdc / Vac models
•  Complementary outputs NO + NC available on the Vdc models or selectable output NO/NC available on the multi-voltage Vdc/Vac models
• Totally protected against electrical damages
• Wide choice of optical functions available: Diffuse: 2 m; background suppression: 500 mm; polarized: 6m; through beam: 20 m. Dual multifunction output state LEDs
Universal Photoelectric Sensors

Compact Photoeletric Sensors with High Performance & High Detection Distances - FG Series

Special Features
• Cable output or with revolving connector, NPN or PNP output (DC models) and SPDT voltage free relay output (AC models)
• Selectable LO/DO output status
• Totally protected against electrical damages
• Background suppressions models: 310 mm, 600 mm
• Reflex polarized sensitivity adjustment 12 m
• Emitter and Receiver with max detecting range of 50 m
• Double Multifunction LED indicator: output state and using the pointing
• Sensitive adjustment models
Compact Photoeletric Sensors

Maxi with static output DC or with relay output AC/DC - RX Series

Special Features
• Models: diffuse reflection, retro-reflective, polarized, through-beam and background suppression
• Series with high performances and wide possibilities of installation
• High sensing distance and very small dimensions
• Relay output or multifunctional DECOUT®
• Timer function delay on, delay off, one shot; trimmer for sensitivity adjustment
• Switch reducing the emission for fine detection in through-beam types
• LED alignment indicator with 360° visibility, 2 LED indicators (stable signal, output)
• M12 standard plug cable exit; axial and right angle brackets
Maxi with static output DC